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President Sheikh Mohamed Says UAE Expects A Brighter Future In 2023 



President Sheikh Mohamed Says UAE Expects A Brighter Future In 2023 

As the entire UAE is all set to welcome a new more promising year ahead, President Sheikh Mohamed tweeted on Saturday that the country is looking for an even brighter future in the upcoming year.

He said that the nation welcomes 2023 while reflecting with gratitude on how far UAE has come as a nation and it is about to make things better in the future. President’s tweet ended with a prayer and hope for the year to bring peace and happiness to the people of the UAE, the region, and the world.

On Twitter President Share His Thoughts

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai also wished the people of UAE a happy new year on Twitter on Sunday, along with his message and a video made featuring the highlights of the previous year. 

On Twitter President Share His Thoughts

In his tweet, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid wished Happy New Year to the whole country and people, all Arab and Islamic peoples, and all peoples of the world. He added that he hopes that the year 2023 will be a year of goodness and peace for everybody. 

Further, the ruler tweeted that the UAE is yet set to work even when a year has passed and another year is about to be born on the horizon. He also added his promises to the globe that the best is yet to come in the coming years as the country will embrace 2023 with a relentless spirit so that nothing less than the best is achieved. 

Last month, President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan shared the concept that the nation plans to follow for the future on the occasion of the 51st UAE National Day.

When he said that the nation’s top priority would remain taking care of our citizens and opening up all avenues of development, creativity, and self-affirmation, just as in the previous years. To achieve this goal, he continued that the country will not spare any effort. 

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The president also mentioned that the UAE will stay in its position as a key partner and supporter of the progress and development of humanity, facilitating all the efforts aimed at it. The country will also enhance the world’s ability to deal with challenges including climate change, food security, diseases, epidemics, and poverty. 

Meanwhile, Dr Anwar Gargash, The diplomatic adviser to the President said that the UAE enters the new year with unprecedented confidence in his hopeful end-of-year message.

He remarked that the country has been taking significant strides forwards during 2022, among which he called President Sheikh Mohamed’s succession after the late Sheikh Khalifa in May, a “smooth and orderly transfer of political power”.

Gargash also tweeted highlighting the strengths, victories, and achievements of the country touching on various fields including economy, science and technology, and the key projects that are intended for development. 

His tweet went on to remark that the country has been looking forward to the future with unprecedented confidence since UAE’s sovereignty, political position, economic depth, national competencies, future projects, science, and technology are on the way to sweeten the blessed march and build a pioneering experience.

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