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UAE: 10 Things You Missed This Week |Latest News



UAE 10 Things You Missed This Week Latest News

People are busy talking about the world cup. They forgot about their daily work. Everyone turned out to be active in the discussion about the victory of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the UAE  decided to bring in new guidelines in passport rules. Totally, the week is considered to be another event-packed week in the Middle east.

Things You Missed Out This Week

1. Primary And Secondary Names Should Be Added To UAE Passports 

Saudi Arabia introduced new rules for visitors who are traveling in and out of the UAE. Both primary and secondary names should be included in the passport. People without a standardized naming procedure in their passports will be banned from entering the country.

Latest News In UAE

It led to confusion for many people who are planning to go to Saudi Arabia.  The airline indigo sent their statement to travel agencies that “as per the instructions provided by UAE authorities, passengers with a single name on their passports traveling on tourist, visit or any other visa shall not be allowed to the country and from UAE also.

2. Dubai Rent Shake-Up

Dubai rent increases and it is set for a massive shake-up with a new pricing system. The new updates in the rental index are based on the quality of individual buildings and facilities. In addition, the landlords need to justify the price hike in each building.

3. UAE Employee’s Income Is Less Than $8k Offered Salary Support

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, The Deputy Prime Minister Minister of the Presidential Court and Chairman of the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council has announced support for Emiratis in the banking and private sectors. This scheme is giving financial allowance to all Emiratis working in the banking and private sector.

4. Dubai Linked With Man Utd Deal

Dubai was linked with a surprise offer for Man Utd. Dubai has repeatedly shown interest in buying Man Utd. Some reports in UK media said that Dubai could make a move for Man Utd.  Dubai’s sovereign wealth fund as a potential bidder for Man Utd. It’s only possible if the club becomes available.

5. Dubai Police Share World Cup Rules

Dubai police issued a guide for fans who celebrate the Qatar world cup in the city. It provides detailed information about the rules that have to be obeyed. The police highlight the prohibition of alcohol consumption in public places, request to preserve public property, and avoidance of public displays of affection.

6. Dubai Pearl Demolition Begins

Demolition of Dubai pearl has begun. Deconstruction equipment has been spotted at the site. The project was originally introduced in 2002 and planned to build a 73-story building. But the project has been struggling to get off the ground for two decades, due to the lack of investors in the residential skyscraper.

7. Flooding in Saudi Arabia

Heavy rainfall in Jeddah caused severe flooding in the west of Saudi Arabia on Thursday. Saudi Arabia’s National Center for Meteorology recorded the highest rainfall on Jeddah’s southern area. Due to the heavy rainfall, private schools and universities were closed and flights were delayed at King Abdulaziz International Airport in the west coast city.

8. World Cup kicks off, Saudi Triumphs

It was a great milestone for Saudi Arabia in the history of the world cup. Saudi Arabia is remarkable in defeating Lionel Messi’s Argentina. Govt. announced a public holiday on Wednesday for all employees and students.

9. UAE National Day Holiday Announced

The UAE officially announced their holidays of national day and commemoration day 2022 for the public sector, private sector, and schools. The break will start from Thursday, December 1, to Saturday, December 3. 

10.US Citizens Renounce US Citizenship For UAE

 US ex-pats renounce citizenship in UAE and it offers a more attractive lifestyle. Golden visas have been issued since 2019. A reported 2,872 HNWI expatriates rejected their US citizenship in the first three-quarters of 2022, exceeding the number when compared to the previous year. 

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