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UAE Among World’s Top Countries With Low Rates Of Tuberculosis



UAE Among World's Top Countries With Low Rates Of Tuberculosis

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has declared that the UAE is one of the world’s top countries with the lowest tuberculosis rates, the Ministry of Health and Prevention gave credit for this achievement to its cooperative and stringent efforts with the local health authorities to implement effective tuberculosis prevention strategies and programs.

MoHAP has created an efficient follow-up system and has been constantly providing effective tuberculosis drugs in regard to standardizing surveillance methods.

Besides that, The ministry has increased the capacity of tuberculosis healthcare professionals and implemented tuberculosis screening programs.Ā They also assured take preventive measures for children who had been vaccinated at birth.

UAE made Significant progress to Eliminate the TuberculosisĀ 

MoHAP made these remarks in honor of World Tuberculosis Day, which is observed every year on March 24. Ā MoHAP’s efforts have shown progress in the UAE in maintaining low tuberculosis rates, Making the country one of the world’s leaders in the fight against the disease.

This year’s World Tuberculosis Day is being held under the tagline called “Yes! We Can End TB!” The UAE has progressively embraced this theme and adopted the Eastern Mediterranean tuberculosis eradicating strategy.

UAE made Significant progress to Eliminate the TuberculosisĀ 

Through their scientific research, innovative ways, and easy access to provide medicines, the country stays committed to supporting and assisting global efforts to eliminate the disease by 2050. These commendable actions are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the global tuberculosis strategy.

International health organizations have applauded and appreciated the UAE’s commitment to eradicating tuberculosis, and its highly progressive approach to maintaining low tuberculosis rates that can serve as aĀ  great example for other countries to follow.

The tireless efforts of the government, and their collaboration with local health authorities and other medical institutions, have played a crucial role in developing a comprehensive approach to prevent and control tuberculosis in the country.

The UAE’s commitment to fighting tuberculosis shows its dedication to global health and its vision of a healthier future for every citizen of the country.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched several initiatives to increase awareness among the community about tuberculosis detection and treatment for early-stage, infection, and vaccination prevention.

The Ministry has also launched numerous health programs and initiatives that aimed to engage with the community, including informative lectures in Arabic, English, and Urdu so that people can be aware of every community.

They also include various segments of society, including workers. The Ministry also provides free medical tests to local laborers and employees and distributes educational messages via different social media platforms.

MoHAP has also partnered with various government and tourism organizations across the country to participate in a global tuberculosis initiative. To increase public awareness about the disease, a huge TB sign will be illuminated in red.

These programmes are an importantĀ  part of MoHAP’s efforts to create a comprehensive approach to eradicating tuberculosis, which also includes community engagement and awareness programmes to detect the early stages of TB.

By increasing community awareness programs about communicable diseases, the Ministry is well prepared to develop innovative strategies that prioritize the well-being and health of every citizen of the society. This strategy has the powerful potential to be very effective and quick in promoting public health and preventing disease to spread.

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People should be well informed to prevent illness increasing their awareness and understanding of communicable diseases such programs will be helpful for those who are not aware of the seriousness of the disease. This can include simple actions such as hand washing on a regular basis, covering coughs and sneezes, and avoiding contact with sick people.

Furthermore, prioritizing awareness campaigns will help the community to reduce stigma about certain illnesses and it will encourage people to seek treatment and care as quickly as possible when necessary. It can also contribute to maintaining the trust between health providers and communities, which is extremely important during public health emergencies.

It shows that with the correct investments and implementation of new recommendations, and strong cross-sector collaboration, the TB epidemic can be defeated easily if stringent action is taken. This is a message to everyone in the community that we should all take to heart and strive for.

It is extremely exciting that 2023 provides great opportunities to advance the TB Eradication Agenda. This is a critical time to strengthen our commitment to the TB response and take strict action to fully eradicate the TB epidemic not only from the UAE but from every corner of the world.

UAE can set a great example for other developing neighboring countries like India and Pakistan where TB is still active and people are losing their lives from this severely dangerous disease.Ā 

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