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UAE Announces New Moon Mission Called Rashid Rover 2



UAE Announces New Moon Mission Called Rashid Rover 2

His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced that the MBRSC is on its mission to build a new lunar rover and it will be called Rashid Rover-2. The announcement is declared just a day after the revelation of the unsuccessful lunar landing of the HAKUTO-R Mission-1 spacecraft.

“Our ambition knows no bounds”: Sheikh Hamdan on the new mission

Although the Rashid Rover-1 could not carry out the mission it was sent for, the people of UAE are optimistic that they could make it to the lunar surface. And with this optimism, the nation has already announced the second lunar mission.

“Our ambition knows no bounds” Sheikh Hamdan on the new mission

The Vice president and Prime Minister of the nation Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum have stated his insight via social media. He said that they succeeded in developing a team of young men and women who are competent in managing advanced space projects.

Within 10 years from nothing but scratch the nation build a successful space sector. He also said that Rashid 1 is on the lunar surface with the flag of the emirate.

Sheikh Mohammed is filled with hope and excitement for the future of the space sector in the UAE. He expressed the zeal of the nation by saying that their country was founded on ambition. The United Arab Emirates has not stopped since December 2, 1971, and the nation will not stop or have no intentions of turning around. With much more bigger dreams and ambitions the nation’s leader expressed they are not going to set small goals but more beautiful greater and daring ones.

On Wednesday, 26th of April the Dubai ruler, himself visited the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, where the rover was built by a team full of Emirati natives. He has instructed the team members to immediately start working towards the mission Rashid Rover 2 project.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum was along with his father during their visit to MBRSC. He reiterated the same positive and ambitious tone that his father expressed. The Crown Prince said that the biggest risk would be not to take any risks.

Risk is a major factor during any space mission and that has not discouraged the emiratis from exploring this new field. As Sheikh Mohammed said that the nation of the United Arab Emirates is rooted in ambition Sheikh Hamdan conveyed that their ambition knows no bounds and is limitless.

He promised that the nation as a whole will remain dedicated and optimistic towards the groundbreaking missions in the plans that will put UAE on the list of leading nations in the field of space exploration.

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Both the lunar exploration rovers are named after the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the builder of modern Dubai, who developed Dubai from a small settlement near Dubai Creek to a port city.

The Rashid – 1 was expected to land on the Lunar surface on the 25th of April 2023, Tuesday at 8:40 pm (UAE time). But due to some technical difficulties, the spacecraft that was carrying Rashid-1 and various other payloads lost communication with its ground in Tokyo, Japan.

The ispace agency announced that Hakuto-R Mission-1 is most likely to have crash-landed on the lunar surface.

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