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UAE: Education Is The First Priority, Says President Sheikh Mohammed



UAE Education Is The First Priority, Says President Sheikh Mohammed

UAE  launches national plans and a roadmap for the next 50 years at the government’s annual meeting which ensures the sustainable development of the country. The plan indicates the sustainability and progress in various fields of the country such as education, health, infrastructure, business, and tourism which will be a golden opportunity for the residents of the country.

The president, Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan attended the annual meeting and discussed the future of education. He says that the key priority will be given to the educational sector to enhance and improve the country’s future.

Education Remains A Priority For The Development Of The UAE

He believes that education can be considered the basic foundation and most important factor for the upliftment of the country so efforts are made to bring innovative and interactive strategies in the field of education. 

A remarkable development can be seen in the field of education over the past 50 years of the country and maintaining it is also a crucial task for the future. The country needs talented workers to harness the vast economic potential and institutions, and for that an advanced educational system is mandatory.

President Sheikh Mohammed

Dubai’s knowledge and human development authority’s recent report shows that 60 percent of the students go to American-curriculum schools. Considering all the students, after the British educational curriculum system, the Indian system is the most popular one. The country is proud of its diversity and ten percent of the teachers are from Egypt.

But it is important to teach the Arabic language, UAE identity, and culture to robust the educational system. The national curriculum includes teaching students the Arabic language, Islamic education, moral education, and social studies, while the international system will provide training in mathematics, science, and others. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, prime minister and Ruler of Dubai said that the sessions clearly mapped the plans for educational sectors which focused on each and every part of the country.  Clear and transparent strategies are drafted with the help of a specialized government team to encourage the students and their parents to be a part of the development strategy by providing them with a flexible system.

The country ensures that the strategies formed for the advanced educational system will teach the children math and science in English from a young age, and also includes smart learning, new teacher’s codes, licensing and evaluation system, as well as curriculum revision. A key area is a focus to transform K-12 programs which ensures that the students are well prepared to attend universities around the world and acquire the ability to compete with the world in the global marketplace. The project aims to shape a new learning environment and culture in government schools in Dubai and the Emirates. 

Many projects have been launched in every sector such as upgrading villages across the country by investing in jobs and tourism.

The project’s aim was to build a continual development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generation in the field of economics and business. The opportunities provided will benefit the people in their business growth. The first group of the villages will be provided with 500 economic projects especially aimed at the youth of the country. 

UAE’s educational system upgraded aim is to attain national excellence in each and every sector. The country is about to enter into its golden era which is expected to be an innovative period in the pages of history.

The roadmap created by the government satisfies the people’s needs by investing in different fields and increasing the competitiveness of future generations.  The new projects launched will enhance the quality of education, the efficiency of teachers, and the skills and capabilities of the students. 

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