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UAE Flights: Airlines Add More Seats To Dubai Route For World Cup Tourists



UAE Flights Airlines Add More Seats To Dubai Route For World Cup Tourists

The airlines have increased their seat capacity to accommodate more people who visit to watch the Fifa world cup.110,000 seats were added by the airlines to control tourist traffic to Dubai. Millions of football fans are arriving day by day in gulf regions to watch mega-events. They might see millions of world cup visitors flock to Dubai and the city of Dubai is getting ready in fan zones which were established in parks, beaches, hotels offering discount rates and also in the travelings.

Over 110,000 Seats Are Added To Dubai’s Flight Routes In Preparation For The World Cup

Considering the flow of people visiting Dubai, the airlines are all set with flight packages and more traveling facilities to attract passengers. The seat capacities of airlines increased by 2.8 percent when compared to previous months. It is considered a perfect opportunity for the Middle East to boost its tourism sector as it is the first-ever tournament held.

Dubai's Flight

According to OAG international, the reports say that Dubai International Airport has the second fastest increase in the seating capacities of airlines after Orlando airport which is 2.9 percent. By calculating the traffic of tourists appearing in the Fifa world cup, Dubai has recovered its tourism sector which can help to develop the country’s economic growth, and also reduce the economic crisis that aroused during the period of the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to the reports, flights from major Middle East cities will transport fans to Qatar which benefits airlines, hotels, and hospitality venues across the country including Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman.

When compared to other airports, Dubai international airport is the busiest airport for international passenger traffic with 4.2 million. London Heathrow stands second with 3.4 international passenger seats.

After Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson international airport, Emirates airport is listed second in both international and domestic seating capacities with 4.698 million. After Dubai received 17.8 million visitors in the first quarter of 2020, the country witnessed 18,455,938 visitors during the July-September quarter.

A massive growth was observed in the flow of passengers after reviewing the annual passenger traffic forecast and the number of passengers increased, nearly tripling in the third quarter from the same period last year. Dubai airport raised the forecast for 2022 by 1.5 million to 64.3 million which was a drastic increase. 

After the coronavirus pandemic, Dubai’s airlines, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, and tourist destinations are hoping to gain benefits and boost their rebounding tourism industry. Travel package provider ParkSleepFly has ranked Dubail international airport among the seventh best airports for layovers in the world.

When checking the 10 busiest routes across the middle east the seven were linked to Dubai international airport which is Mumbai, Delhi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, London, and Bahrain. Due to the world cup, after receiving massive passenger traffic in the gulf region, the emirates was recognized as the best winter destination according to the park sleep fly. 

A sustainable increase was seen in the number of tourists during the winter as Dubai is considered the over-the-top and most outlandish experience in the tourism sector. People who visit Dubai can also explore the variety of destinations that are famous for their heritage and high-class infrastructure.

The fact that Dubai already established itself as a tourism destination helped it to become a sustainable option for football fans. Dubai is a famous tourist place for many because of the attractive destinations and straightforward entry requirements that made it a convenient base for world cup football fans. The feasibility and flexible packages provided by the airlines in order to accommodate the world cup fans became another benefit to visiting Dubai and enjoying the tournament. 

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