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UAE Launches New Emiratisation Initiative



UAE Launches New Emiratisation Initiative

The country of the United Arab Emirates is all set to roll out its revamped Industrial Programme. The programme is targeted towards enhancing the Emiratisation of the industrial sector. The objective of the initiative is to train the workmen for the skilled jobs that would be helping to develop the economy as a whole.

It will be backed by sufficient legislation and executive policies for efficient implementation. The programme originated from the recent pact that has been signed amongst the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis).

The project is directed towards the generation of the National In-Country Value (ICV). The focus would be towards the development of employment opportunities for UAE nationals. A holistic approach would be enforced to upgrade the existing skills and abilities of the countrymen so that they can adjust to the dynamic needs of industrialization and urbanization.

The pact has been ratified by Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, and Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology.

This Initiative would be a game changer for the upcoming development of Dubai

The industrial environment of Dubai has undergone a complete change owing to technical and structural changes. The nature of the jobs is undergoing a huge shift and hence requires additional skills and talent. The workforce of UAE until recently has not been that trained and skilled to perform these technical roles.

This Initiative would be a game changer for the upcoming development of Dubai

Hence, there was a need felt to educate the workmen about the new techniques. This would not only enhance the scope of employment for these workmen but would boost the development of the country as a whole. 

Under this latest initiative, the government aims to incorporate new skills and abilities in the workmen so that they can survive the dynamism of the economy. All the national training programmes would be aligned with this initiative to meet the needs of modern-day factories and industries.

This Industrial Programme has been subsumed under the aegis of Operation 300 bn which was launched in 2021. The cumulative effects of these schemes would help the country to establish itself as a leading industrial hub by the end of 2031.

The programme is oriented to enhance the country’s gross domestic product from the industrial sector positively to Dh 300 billion. 

The policymakers have selected the 11 most important sectors on priority. These sectors would be developed in order to drive the industrial growth of the country. Their scope and area of operation would be expanded thereby creating new jobs.

The programme would simultaneously train the Emirates as a part of the Emiratisation requirements. The government would also supply adequate financial aid, capital and foreign investment to these sectors for their further development.

In a recent tweet by Ghannam Al Mazrouei, Secretary General of Nafis, it has been acknowledged that the New Industrial Programme will develop the most strategic source of domestic product in Dubai, which is none other than the industrial sector. 

The programme would be implemented in phases. Under the first phase, the Government would be laying down its focus on developing employment in the primary sector. Special emphasis would be laid on the youth so that they take initiative to become social and industrial entrepreneurs.

Institutions and Centers for the workmen would be established for serving this purpose. New industries would be established under the ICV certification and additional jobs would be created. All of these industrial units will collaborate with each other in order to create economies of scale. There will be a constant exchange of information in the best interest of the country as a whole. 

However, the implementation of the programme would not be Unchecked. The government plans to deploy a special task force to evaluate the success of the programme over time. The deviations would be noted and an appropriate course of action would be taken and enforced.

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In addition, International bodies such as the World Bank and the International monetary fund would be having the power to review the entire programme over time and suggest changes.

A spokesperson of the department has confirmed that the Dubai Government is planning to finance this programme through loans granted by the International monetary fund and World Bank. 

This programme is truly historic in terms of the goals it seeks to achieve. The program is expected to revamp the economic configuration of Dubai for its good. Various countries are drawing inspiration from Dubai’s model of development.

All of these collective efforts will go a long way to uplift the countrymen and regularize the private sector.  Regular meetings are being conducted to ensure better implementation of the programme. Dubai has raised its standard with such unique initiatives. 

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