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UAE Passport Is The Best In The World, Top 10 Are Dominated By Europe



UAE Passport Is The Best In The World, Top 10 Are Dominated By Europe

The United Arab Emirates ranked in the Global ranking, as having the best passport in the world, by the publication of the passport index in 2022 published by Canada-based financial advisory firm, Arton Capital.  

UAE was selected the according to the criteria of freedom from travel restrictions and mobility by Montreal-based citizenship financial advisory firm Arton Capital. 

About The Ranking

Ranks are followed by Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, and France. Japan is ranked 24. India is ranked 87. Pakistan ranked  94 and Afghanistan takes the last position.

The United Arab Emirates passport’s world reach is calculated at 91%.

 The United States passport’s world reach is calculated at 83 %. 

UAE Passport

Emirati passport holders have many benefits. They can enter 121 countries without a visa. And in the case of the other 59 states, they can get a visa when they arrive in the state. They need visas only for 19 countries to enter. 

The United States allows its citizens to travel to 109 countries without a visa. They will get visas right now when they enter the countries in the case of 56 and 26 countries demanding the application for visas from United State citizens in order to enter the country.

UAE passport holders can enter 13 more countries, and they can get the visa right they arrive than German passport holders. Even though Germany is ranked second there is a huge difference in visa-free, visa-arrival privileges of the country. 

UAE has done many reforms that helped many people to live and attracted many more people to live there with the benefits of the reforms.

Benefits Of Emirati Passport Holder

 Normalizing relations with Israel and introducing remote workers’ visas bring many new opportunities. 

The UAE leaders have improved diplomatic links with different countries. Leaders improved trade agreements had helped many of them. Major investments with different countries are another reform done by the leaders of the UAE. Mobility reforms were done by the government compared to the European Union which lead the United Arab Emirates to the top mobility score of 180. 

Dubai is ranked as one of the world’s top five cities that allows easy entry for people from more nations and where expats from several countries can live safely and easily.

A research fellow from the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government in Dubai named Taufiq Rahim said that the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a unique crossroads in the world. UAE is between the east and west, and it is open to all nationalities. It is very hard to compete with the United Arab Emirates because it is progressing with its own features and diversity. 

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In the words of an Emirati Businessman and public figure, Khalifa BinHendi, his business has been growing day by day. The influence of the UAE passport in his life and business has been pivotal. It helped in the growth and innovation of his venture. Having the strongest passport in the world is always a privilege for him. It helps to unlock opportunities and creates a culture of speed. Because speed is an influential factor in business. How much faster you are that many results we can see from it. 

UAE is also known as one of the top countries that more safe to live in and with low crime rates in the world. 

The passport index method is based on the members of the united nations. 139 nations with six territories are considered for the passport index list. Pieces of information are gathered from official information from the Government, updated in real-time with crowd-sourced intelligence, and strengthened with incredibly reliable sources. Three tier method is used for the ranking of passports. 

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