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Zahrat Al Quds Restaurant In Dubai -Location, Menu, And More



Zahrat Al Quds Restaurant In Dubai -Location, Menu, And More

Zahrat Al Quds is a well-known Arabic restaurant in Dubai that serves excellent home-style food from Jordan and Palestine. This restaurant brings to the table some spectacular foods filled with Levantine flavors.

Jordan and Palestine are known for their vast array of delicious traditional dishes served and the Zahrat Al Quds restaurant does complete justice to the recipes borrowed from these places. Zahrat Al Quds prepares and provides the best grills.

The restaurant also has some other best-selling dishes. The main cuisines served at this Arabic restaurant include Arabic and Middle Eastern. 

Where is Zahrat Al Quds Restaurant Located?

Zahrat Al Quds is an Arabic restaurant in Dubai located behind Al Qiyadah Metro Station. From Saturday to Thursday, the restaurant opens at 9 am and closes at 12 am. On Friday, Zahrat Al Quds opens at 1 pm and closes at 12 am. 

Zahrat Al Quds Restaurant

Why Do People Love This Restaurant? (Speciality)

The main attraction of the Zahrat Al Quds restaurant is authentic Jordanian and Palestinian flavors. People from across the world visit this restaurant to get a taste of such excellent flavors and get reminded of the rich Jordanian and Palestinian cultures.

Also, all the food items are available at reasonable rates so that all people can enjoy these delicious dishes.

When it comes to good restaurants, a major factor that people look for is good service and Zahrat Al Quds makes no compromise in this. This adds to the genuineness of this Arabic restaurant. 

Zahrat Al Quds Dubai menu

Zahrat Al Quds has a mouthwatering menu and the list of the main recipes are as follows. Daily meals served at the restaurant include Jordanian Mansaf, Palestinian Mosakhan, Mosakhan roll, Mosakhan pizza, Kidra Khaliliah (Mutton), Kidra Khaliliah (Chicken), Maklubah (Mutton, Chicken), stuffed sheep, necks stuffed, grilled ribs, ouzy (Chicken), ouay surrey (Mutton), ouay surrey (Chicken), Malukhia (Mutton-Chicken), and Kafta with tomato (with rice and potato). 

Zahrat Al Quds Dubai menu

Other dishes that you can find on the menu are:

  • Grills

Kebab, tikka, shish tawook, liver grilled, lamb chops, arayes, kidney grilled, kebab khashkhash, and chicken on charcoal. 

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  • Appetizers 

Appetizers included in Zahrat Al Quds menu are hummus, hummus with meat, hummus with lamb, hummus with meat piece, Mus-abaha, fatteh and meat, kalawi without tomato, meat and tomato, meat and egg, egg with tomato, egg, omelet eyes, meat nashef, chicken nashef, nashef sheikh, nashef sheikh and hummus, and much more with no compromise in taste and flavors. 

  • Sweets

There are also a few sweet varieties such as milk with rice, custard, creme caramel, and mohallabiah. These sweets served by Zahrat Al Quds ensure the right level of sweetness and taste that all sweet and non-sweet lovers will like. 

Other food items served in Zahrat Al Quds include drinks, juices, Rocca salad, Arabic salad, Tahini salad, cucumber with yogurt,  and Fattoush. 

Zahrat Al Quds is one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai serving authentic Jordanian and Palestinian dishes.

For people visiting Dubai, this food spot is sure to provide a great food experience and is the most ideal place for those who love the rich flavors of Jordan and Palestine.

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