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Experience Best Bars In Dubai Marina: Must Visit in 2023



best bars in dubai marina

Discover the best bars in Dubai Marina and experience the city’s vibrant nightlife scene. From rooftop bars to sports bars, we have it all covered in this guide.

Dubai Marina is undoubtedly one of the most happening sites to visit in Dubai. Located at the banks of exotic beaches and the luxurious Jumeirah residence, Dubai Marina is all that one could have asked for in a perfect evening.

It has the most amazing beaches and a seashore to sit back and relax. It comes with amazing dining offers which are unique in themselves. Surrounded by affluent malls and crafty markets, Dubai Marina is a one-stop destination to spend your weekend at. 

Importance of choosing the right bar for a night out

Dubai Marina is all that one could imagine on Saturday night. It is the perfect party place in Dubai. This place has access to the most romantic and sassy bars.

One can enjoy the international ambiance at this place easily. It is that part of the city which has the most thrilling lifestyle. One can easily discover the trendiest Discotheques and clubs in this area. There are uncountable rooftop bars and pubs that have fun in the already exciting place. 

Since there are so many bars and rooftop clubs in this area, it is important to understand the most amazing ones so that one gets to invest his time and money in the most deserving place. This place has also got access to different types of clubs.

This includes not only the sports club but also sundowner clubs and nightclubs. This article will help to figure out the specialty of every club and bar so that one can evaluate the pros and cons and accordingly make the best decision. 

The main intention of the article is to make the readers aware of the most happening bars in Dubai Marina so that they enjoy the entire ambiance adequately. 

In this article, we would be exploring the best bars in Dubai Marina. This will help us to invest our time properly at this place. 

Top 5 Bars in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is home to the most happening and exotic bars in the country. We have handpicked a list of best bars in Dubai by summarizing their features, description, cuisines served and the kind of ambiance one gets to enjoy there. The list of the best and the most amazing bars in Dubai Marina is given as follows:

1. Buddha Bar

This is one of the most authentic Asian Clubs in Dubai. It has been inspired by rich and royal Asian decor.

Buddha Bar Dubai Marina

This top-notch club is located near the JBR beach walk. One gets to discover huge gigantic Budha Stupas and statues in this place as well. Everything is golden and glittering within the vicinity of the club.

Signature drinks and cocktails

The exotic club serves amazing Asiatic Champagne and artistic handmade cocktails made up of fresh cranberry and rosemary. Pina Colada made with the help of homegrown pineapples is a drink worth trying at this place.

Cuisine and dining options

As the name itself suggests, the place serves good quality and traditional Asian cuisine. Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines are really good to try if you are visiting this place for the first time. 

Atmosphere and ambiance

This place is one of the most exotic places to visit in one go. It is definitely a place to be during weekends. The ambiance is quite relaxing and one gets a glimpse of the rich heritage of Asia. One can enjoy good food and light music which plays in the background all the time.

2. Siddharta Lounge 

Located at the shore of Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf, Siddartha Lounge is the most romantic and vibing getaway club to visit with friends on weekends.

Siddharta Lounge  Dubai marina

It is a perfect combination of comfort and style. It offers an amazing 360-degree view of the surrounding beaches. 

Signature drinks and cocktails

The place is famous for serving authentic drinks and cocktails. It is believed that this was the first place wherein the most delightful cocktail of sex on the beach was served. Cocktails are a perfect fusion of the inherent spices of UAE and the essence of Asia.

Cuisine and dining options

The food in this lounge is simply amazing. The place serves tasty and delicious food. It offers different types of cuisines such as Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Continental. Mexican delicacies are definitely a must-try at this place. 

Atmosphere and ambiance

The place offers a soothing and comforting ambiance to the guests. The lounge is pretty simple yet elegant. There is a huge dance floor to rock yourself on.

3. Pure Sky Lounge

Are you willing to spend a romantic date with your loved one? If yes is your answer, then we have got you covered with the most mesmerizing rooftop bars in Dubai.

Pure Sky Lounge Dubai Marina

Pure Sky Lounge is one of the exotic and calming destinations to be at. Located on the 35th floor of Hilton Dubai, it offers picturesque views all throughout the day.

Signature drinks and cocktails

The lounge serves the best cocktails and drinks in Dubai. One gets to relish the incredible drinks and wines coupled with a tinge of sangria brewed in Fresh fruits. 

Cuisine and dining options

One gets access to a plethora of dining options in Dubai. It is the best place for having fusion and contemporary food. It serves dinner, lunch, and hi-tea snacks.

Atmosphere and ambiance

When it comes to the ambiance, then nothing can beat the tranquillity which one experiences in this place. The lounge is decorated with hues of blue and it is a treat to the eyes to witness this beauty.

4. Cargo at Pier 7

When we talk about Cargo at Pier 7, we relive the history of Hong Kong and other Chinese cities.

Cargo at Pier 7 Dubai Marina

The place is one of the best bars that we can ever get to experience in Dubai Marina. The lounge is decorated with rocky and wooden interiors just like what existed years ago in China.

Signature drinks and cocktails

This place serves the most authentic drinks which are inspired by Europe in the first place. Visitors are just crazy for these amazing drinks in the first place.

Cuisine and dining options

The Place serves Asian and European cuisines. In fact, it is the best place for enjoying your evening snacks and dinner,

Atmosphere and ambiance

The lounge is infused with the richness of Asian culture. One gets to vibe with the crafty streetwear kind of ambiance with tipsy lights/

5. Nezesaussi Grill

If you are a sportsman, then this is the best sports club and bar in Dubai Marina.

Nezesaussi grill dubai marina

It is possible to enjoy national and international sporting events at this place while enjoying the signature drinks and food at this lounge. This bar runs all throughout the night on special occasions.

Signature drinks and cocktails

The lounge is one of its own kind. You can enjoy the tastiest drinks and an exotic collection of red wine and vodka while sitting along the side of the pool. In fact, drinks such as Manhattan and Daiquiri are worth trying.

Cuisine and dining options

The place serves the best American food. It runs all throughout the day and serves fresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Atmosphere and Ambience

This is one of the finest bars in Dubai. It is a casual and authentic dining space in order to give comfort the visitors to relish their food while they enjoy sports. It is simple yet classy for a perfect evening.

How to Choose the Best Bars in Dubai Marina

since there are so many bars in Dubai Marina, it becomes difficult to choose one among them. Definitely, it is not possible to visit every bar in one go, but with a little effort and research, you can find your best pick easily. Let us get an idea about the same in the following way:

Budget considerations

The most important consideration which must be remembered throughout is the budget. There are many expensive bars in Dubai Marina. Therefore, always ascertain your budget once before barging into the place.

Location and proximity to attractions

The location and the proximity to attractions are also one of the most amazing factors that must be taken into accord. one must always look for the bars which are located at happening places and other attractions such as shopping centers and beaches are nearby.

Atmosphere and ambiance

The ambiance is all for which we pay at bars. The bar must offer the ambiance in the way you want. There are many rooftop bars that are loud while many bars offer a calm and composed ambiance.

Drinks and cuisine

According to the taste, one can choose the bar he wants to visit. There are different types of drinks that are available in the bars. They are prepared by International chefs and are definitely worth trying.

Events and entertainment

If you are more into visiting an entertaining bar, then you can definitely go ahead with some sports bars and nightclubs. They usually have one or other event lined up every day such as a jamming session or a sesh night.

Things to be considered while visiting Bars in Dubai Marina

Dubai is a strict place when it comes to seeking compliance with the law. There are certain rules and regulations that one must consider before actually visiting Dubai Marina so as to avoid any complications in the future.

best bars in dubai

The list of the same basically goes as follows. All of these points must be remembered at every point in time in order to avoid confusion.

  • Always carry your ID card and show the same in the lobby in order to ensure that you are above 18 years.
  • The ID Card must be original. Production of a fake ID card can invite punishment.
  • None is allowed to be in the bar post the official timings.
  • Any person who causes damages to the interiors of the bars in an intoxicated state would not be allowed to visit the bar for a period of 6 months.

With all the information which has been provided above, it becomes important to understand that none can beat the vibe of Dubai Marina. This is one of the best locations to spend time at. Dubai Marina is home to the best quality bars. Be it Pure Sky Lounge or Siddhartha Lounge, each bar has got its own specialty.

Therefore, one must carefully select the bars in order to spend your evening so that nothing goes otherwise. This guide will actually help you choose the best bars in Dubai Marina for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the best time to visit Dubai Marina?

Most of the clubs in Dubai Marina are operational after 5 pm. 

2. What is located in Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina is the one-stop destination that serves amazing food through the best restaurants and cafes including bars. It shall cultural and recreational centers, sports complexes, and malls.

3. How to find the best bar?

One can choose the bar according to the choice of ambiance and cuisine.

4. Are there any peaceful bars?

Yes, some lounges are not at all loud and offer the perfect comfort to the individual.

5. What is the minimum age to visit the bars?

The legal age is 18

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