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Abu Dhabi’s 40-minute Fireworks Will Attempt To Break 3 Guinness World Records



Abu Dhabi's 40-minute Fireworks Will Attempt To Break 3 Guinness World Records

Abu Dhabi will witness a global event that attempts to break some existing records. The celebration of New Year’s Eve at the Sheikh Zayed Festival will be a spectacle of epic proportions as it will try to break its own World Record for the maximum duration, volume, and formation in its firework display and light show.

The show will also use more than three thousand drones, which is a first in the region and possibly a new record in the Guinness World Records. 

A massive drone show featuring 3,000 unmanned aerial vehicles will illuminate the skies

The pyrotechnics show will also try to create a world record by conducting a forty-minute show. The show which will be happening at Al Wathba will have a series of folkloric and entertainment performances catering to a global community as part of its New Year celebrations. Circus performances, Theatre shows, Kids entertainment, Funfair city, etc. are all attractions provided at the festival that is expected to be one of the biggest events of 2022. 

A massive drone show featuring 3,000 unmanned aerial vehicles will illuminate the skies

The Sheikh Zayed Festival runs for four months from November 18 to March 18 and it began with a magnificent drone show in the desert.

The drones were depicting the moving images of President Sheikh Mohamed, UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Khalifa, the late president in the night sky. They also showed Arabic messages and images of falcons, which are considered the national bird of the UAE.

The opening night of the festival also featured a military heritage music show and a traditional song and dance show too. 

The festival will also have multiple food points that will also include “Egrab” food trucks. “Egrab” in Emirati dialect means “Come closer” and these sections will have kiosks, pavilion restaurants, the Art District Restaurants, and Souk Al Wathba restaurants are available with a very vast selection of foods and beverages from different parts of the world.                               

The Sheikh Zayed Festival will be open to visitors from evening four to midnight twelve through seven days of the week. One of the highlights of the festival is its folklore performances that have been specially curated to create a unique show for people from all over the globe.

There will be local and international performances too which will also create a good overall experience for individuals and people who attend with their family members. There are shows like the Emirates Fountain shows which consists of big water fountains moving along with the lights and music with the power of more than six hundred water jets.

This year’s Festival has the theme of “Hayakum” which means “Welcome” in Arabic and as always the event focuses on honoring the UAE heritage, local customs, and cultures. There will also be carnival-type shows like a horror house, horse riding, go-karting, and camel rides throughout the entire four months of the festival.

With more than twenty-five pavilions of different nations from around the world, it tries to give a small experience of the different crafts, foods, and traditions of those places around the world.

An entire place is devoted to small children and families called the Children’s district where a colorful garden is on display which has more than 400,000 flowers imported from the Netherlands. 

Ras Al Khaimah will also hold its own pyrotechnic show that will last for a twelve-minute duration as part of its New Year celebrations. The musical firework show will be a grand show that will have pyro drones, nano lights, shapes, and multiple colors that will create a synchronized show together with electronic music.

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It will be spread over a big area of 4.7 kilometers that goes along the waterfront between Al-Marjan Island and Al-Hamra village. The pyro-musical show will be one of a kind that will provide the visitors with a full once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Last year Ras Al Khaimah also created a breathtaking firework show with more than fifteen thousand effects and 452 pyro drones. The show was also credited with two world records for the most number of remotely operated drones launching fireworks and the highest altitude drone-based pyro display. 

Dubai, on the other hand, will be conducting its fireworks and light show at the Burj Khalifa every year as part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations. The event will be trying to get hold of the world record for the largest laser display and also the light shows will try to break the record for the longest distance traveled.

Downtown Dubai is considered to be one of the major spots for getting a good view of the Burj Khalifa fireworks and light show. There will be traffic controls and travel restrictions during the peak hours of New Year’s Eve. 

On the whole, the New Year celebrations in the UAE are shaping up to be a spectacular collection of events hosted by different emirates and it will be a memorable time for all people who attend these shows.  

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