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Ahmed Bin Mohammed Chairs Dubai Media Council Meeting



Ahmed Bin Mohammed Chairs Dubai Media Council Meeting

The success of Dubai’s Economic Plan D33 depends heavily on the media industry, as Prince Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum highlighted in his statement. The media may be immensely helpful in promoting Dubai’s economic efforts, luring investors, and raising public awareness of the city’s growth potential.

Dubai’s Economic Plan D33 is a comprehensive plan to revamp the local economy and increase its competitiveness on the global stage.

The plan includes initiatives to enhance the business environment, boost innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote Dubai as a hub for trade, logistics, and tourism. 

Media Content Creation Key to Promoting Dubai’s Economic Potential, Says Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed

He especially mentioned that media can play a vital role in promoting these initiatives by creating content that highlights Dubai’s economic potential, showcasing success stories of local businesses, and highlighting the city’s investment opportunities.

Media Content Creation Key to Promoting Dubai's Economic Potential, Says Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed

By doing this, the media may support Dubai’s economic development by luring investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to the city.

The statement made by Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum emphasized the vital part that the media industry will play in accomplishing the challenging economic goals that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has set for the next ten years.

The total economic target of Dh32 trillion underscores the significance of Dubai’s Economic Agenda D33 and potential impact on the city’s economic growth.

By providing accurate information on Dubai’s sustainable development process and highlighting important initiatives and projects that can spur economic growth, the media sector can contribute to the achievement of these aims.

By raising awareness about these initiatives and projects, the media can also play a key role in enhancing Dubai’s growth and attracting investment to the city.

Mona Al Marri, vice chairperson and managing director of the Dubai Media Council attended the meeting, which was presided over by Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and several topics related to the Council’s strategy for carrying out the leadership’s vision for sustainable development and media growth were discussed.

The Council’s plans to improve Dubai’s reputation as a hub for major international and regional media enterprises were among the major subjects of discussion.

This entails luring media businesses to Dubai and creating an atmosphere that fosters the expansion of already established media businesses. Dubai can do this to develop as a regional and international centre for media and creative skills.

The discussion also covered the Council’s plan for luring and supporting creative businesses and talent in Dubai. This entails fostering an atmosphere that encourages innovation and creativity, supporting start-ups and new talent, and promoting programmes that assist the expansion of Dubai’s creative industry.

During the meeting, Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued directives to begin two projects targeted at advancing and expanding Dubai’s media industry.

The inaugural programme, known as Dubai Media Pioneers, aims to honour people who have significantly helped the development of Dubai’s media industry. The project aims to recognize and honour prominent media figures who have improved the business standards in Dubai.

The programme seeks to improve the exposure of their efforts and give the industry access to their knowledge by publicising their work.

Sheikh Ahmed noted that the leadership of Dubai is eager to honour remarkable people who have made significant contributions to the country’s growth in various fields.

The Media Literacy Initiative, Sheikh Ahmed’s second effort, aims to improve the quality, credibility, and integrity of the media. The Dubai Media Council is working to address difficulties facing the media sector and transform them into growth opportunities.

The initiative aims to increase public awareness of the value of media literacy and to develop critical thinking abilities. The effort hopes to raise the general standard of Dubai’s media and expand its civic impact by encouraging media literacy.

These two measures Sheikh Ahmed announced during the meeting show the Dubai Media Council’s dedication to growing and advancing the media industry in Dubai.

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The conference, which was chaired by Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also looked at the development of a number of recently started projects, including #DubaiDestinations. The conference covered the results of the #DubaiDestinations winter campaign, which aimed to highlight the various stories that make Dubai a special location to visit over the season

At the meeting, the campaign’s success was assessed, and strategies for enhancing its success were discussed.

Many members of the Dubai Media Council, including Hala Badri, Malek Al Malek, Abdullah Humaid Belhoul, Amal Ahmed bin Shabib, Issam Kazim, Mohammed Al Mulla, and Nehal Badri, the Council’s secretary general, attended the meeting.

These members’ participation shows the Council’s dedication to working cooperatively and including all interested parties in the growth of Dubai’s media industry.

By reviewing the progress of recent initiatives and discussing future plans, the Council aims to ensure the continued growth and success of the media industry in Dubai.

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