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Dubai Police Warn The Public Against Sharing OTP Or Bank Details



Dubai Police Warn The Public Against Sharing OTP Or Bank Details

The Dubai government has issued the latest warning to all residents to be very conscious about sharing their banking information with any unknown and unreliable sources.

There have been many incidents wherein fraudsters try to impersonate themselves to be associated with the government and the banking institutions and manipulate civilians to share important details with them.

Many people have lost millions through this scam. It is high time for the government to take some action against it. 

The Dubai government in the latest advisory has clarified that no government body be it a bank or a financial institution would force any person to disclose confidential banking details such as OTP (One time Password) and CVV (Card Security Code).

The most important objective behind this advisory is to spread awareness among the public at large so that they do not fall victim to any fraudulent scam. It is the joint responsibility of the citizens and government to take combined action in order to curb these activities. 

This initiative is a part of the campaign launched by Dubai to educate the people

Dubai has executed a detailed and comprehensive campaign with the objective of spreading awareness and educating the people so that they stay conscious while undertaking banking and financial transactions.

The government has strictly advised the citizens of Dubai against engaging with unknown phone calls and emails received from unrecognized sources.

This initiative is a part of the campaign launched by Dubai to educate the people

Major General Jamal Salem al-Jallaf, the director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations, confirmed that fraudsters try their level best to convince innocent citizens to update their financial information on unauthorized websites.

Soon after, these unscrupulous criminals gain access to financial information and drain bank accounts. 

It has been time and again notified by the government through different documentaries and advertisements that a person must be extremely careful in engaging in any call. It is the responsibility of the citizen who has received such a call to report such an incident to the smart police station immediately so that the authorities can take strict action against the criminal.

The government has launched portals like e-crime and Police eye and various applications for the assistance of the public.

According to the statistics, these portals have been only utilized at 17% of their capacity. The motive behind this campaign is to increase the dependence of the citizens on this platform so that it becomes feasible for them to access it. 

The government has designed the entire structure of the campaign. It will be funding the production of movies and short films that would be published on social media platforms. Display boards and public Holdings would also be put into place in order to educate every citizen.

Messages will be circulated in the form of templates in different residential colonies and corporate offices so that people become aware. All of this material will also be advertised in public places and other utilities like ATMs, restaurants, and shopping centers. Billboards and display screens have been installed near the metro stations and the airports as well. 

A lot of measures are being taken by the Government in order to achieve the desired objective. The need to launch this campaign was felt after financial crime increased at an exponential rate. According to the statistics, financial fraud via the means of phone calls and emails has increased by 45% in just a span of two years.

Another reason that contributes to the enforcement of the campaign is the increase in dependence on online transactions. These transactions are much more subjected to online fraud and cyber crimes as compared to Transactions executed through cash. 

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The idea of the campaign has been developed under the aegis of the Ministry of Happiness. The government is investing to improve the quality of life and that is why it aims to protect the people from every kind of fraud.

One of the most important methods to improve the quality of life is to reduce the extent of fraud and criminal activities that affect the economic and social stability of society.

That is why the government has initiated this campaign so that the primary source of concern is fixed as early as possible and no additional burden is posed on the economy through the wastage of resources. 

The government is trying its best to enhance the security of the country by plugging all the loopholes that currently expose the citizens to a lot of risks.

Butti Ahmed bin Darwish al-Falasi, Director of the Security Awareness Department at the General Department of Community Happiness, in a recent interview, termed these activities as a termite to the society and hence have to be solved as early as possible. 

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