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Dubai Schools Closed For 23 Days | Latest News



Dubai Schools Closed For 23 DaysList Of Holidays Next Year Latest News

The schools in Dubai are closed for the winter holidays and they will reopen after a month on January 2. UAE follows a different calendar than what the west follows but still as Dubai and UAE are more inclusive of other cultures, they recognize certain holidays in the Gregorian calendar. The first of January is one such day that is recognized as a holiday by the UAE. The last class for this year shall be on December 9 and the schools will shut down till January 1.

UAE School Holidays Begin

Initially, the schools were supposed to reopen on December 30 but since the 31 and 1 are on a weekend, the reopening date was extended to January second. The academic calendar in Dubai is created by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The private schools in Dubai can confirm the public holidays for a year only after the UAE government approves the dates.

UAE School Holidays Begin

Also, as per the Ministry of Education, every school in Dubai must have a minimum of 182 working days every year. The residents of Dubai would get three long holidays this coming year once the list has been confirmed by the authorities.               

There are three major curriculums followed by the schools in Dubai. The most popular among them is the British Curriculum closely followed by the Indian curriculum and then the American curriculum. Emiratis prefer to put their children in schools with an American curriculum. The number of private schools in Dubai has also increased during the past years with the recent number coming to 216.

Children from different nationalities learn in these schools which offer different curriculums. On the other hand, the Emirates administration together with private companies like the DAMAC Group has initiated Dubai schools that aims to foster a culture of holistic education for the budding generation of Emiratis.

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These schools were designed to provide quality education and also aid in the overall development of the child through their growing years. They have opened three schools in different locations in Dubai like Mirdif, Nad Al Sheba, and Al Barsha. These schools accommodate around two thousand kids who are mostly Emiratis but they do have an inclusive list of kids from other nationalities too and they follow the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards as their teaching curriculum. 

Aimee Fleming, the principal at Dubai Schools, Mirdif branch said that the American curriculum aligns perfectly with the core values of the UAE education outlook with subjects like social science, Arabic, Islamic and Moral education. The curriculum also has a cross-disciplinary approach that enables both teachers and students to engage with ideas from textbooks and to relate them to real-life examples.

The Dubai schools also follow the KHDA guidelines that are applicable to all educational institutions in Dubai. They are inspired by the 2071 Centennial vision of UAE to invest in the future generation of Emiratis and to shape them up as all-rounders who are capable of excelling in all domains.  They will be designed to become global citizens who will carry the core values of an Emirati. The centennial project of the UAE also creates a five-decade-long framework for nation-building by creating a knowledge economy that fosters innovation and the skills for advanced entrepreneurship.  

List Of Holidays 2023

The UAE officials have also released the holiday list for the next year. The following days have been declared as public holidays for 2023. 

  1. New Year (Gregorian Calendar):  January 1 
  2. Eid Al Fitr: April 20-23
  3. Arafah Day: June 27
  4. Eid Al Adha: June 28-30
  5. Hijri New year: July 21
  6. Prophet Muhammed’s Birthday: September 29
  7. UAE National Day: December 2-3 

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