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Dubai Sports Council And IACAD Launched “A Step for Life Initiative “



Dubai Sports Council And IACAD Launched “A Step for Life Initiative

The Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department Dubai in association with Dubai Sports Council has launched, “A step for life initiative”. The project has been launched in association with the Plan B group. Its objective is to motivate people to contribute towards charitable activities. It fosters the connection between sports and other charitable activities.

This program has been launched recently on the premises of the Dubai Sports Council and was presided over by H.E. Saeed Hareb who is the current Secretary General of DSC and CEO of the Charity Sector in the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department H.E. Ahmed Darweesh Al-Muhairi. 

This initiative has been launched ahead of the holy month of Ramadan which is itself devoted to serving the community. It will help to spread awareness about the importance of physical exercise and link the same with charitable activities.

The participants would be encouraged to walk or run for a given distance and it would be obligatory for them to complete a given target of steps each day. This target would be proportional to the amount of money they have put into a stake at the Al-Jalila Foundation. It is a unique initiative and will benefit the people in its own way. 

“A Step for Life” initiative is an exceptional way to boost the culture of charity and exercise

H.E. Saeed Hareb inaugurated the event on the occasion of Mother’s Day. He welcomed all the attendees to the program and wished the best for them. He addressed them by citing the relevance of this wonderful charitable initiative. According to him, the central idea of the program is to encourage people to walk more.

A Step For Life Initiativeby dubai sports council

If these people walk more, then a large number of funds would be donated by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai to charitable Institutions and organizations. He further stated that Ramadan is a month to seek forgiveness and blessings of the divine and charity is the perfect way to achieve the same. That is why this initiative has been launched on the first day of Ramadan. 

The Secretary of the Dubai Sports Council further shared the mechanism of this initiative. He applauded the efforts of the Dubai Academic Health Corporation in devising a unique mechanism for calculating the amount of contribution in proportion to the steps.

According to the methodology devised by the Corporation, the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department would pay Dhs 10 to every individual who walks 1000 steps and so on.

Cumulatively, the Corporation would pay a total of Dhs one million to Al-Jalila Foundation every month on the basis of the steps walked by the participants. For this, the organization is working towards increasing the participation to more than a million people so that the total number of steps walked is beyond one billion. 

According to medical scholars, walking has always been described as the best exercise for human beings as it helps them to fight chronic diseases. This initiative enables us to serve the twin objectives of the charity and maintain good health. All the sports federations in the UAE have shown their support for this initiative.

They have assured to motivate and invite all the members of the society to come forward and participate in this initiative. Their contribution will indeed publicize this initiative and hence make it successful.

The program basically encourages the members to donate their steps towards charitable activities. It is a unique attempt to educate people about the importance of physical exercise. In the pursuit of maintaining their health, the people will unexpectedly contribute towards charitable institutions as well. 

Under this initiative, two programmes would be launched in different cities of the UAE. The first event would be about spreading awareness to the public about this initiative overall and the second event would develop a sports platform for interested participants. 

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A separate trainer would be allocated to the members and he would train the participants to achieve their objective under this initiative. This training session would be organised at 5:00 p.m. every day and it would be free to all the participants.

In addition, the Al-Jalila foundation is also working towards the establishment of mobile clinics to carry out the general checkup of the participants before they enrol themselves for the event. 

The provisions of emergency medical assistance have also been made available in order to meet any exigency. According to a spokesperson of the event, everything is well planned and organised to ensure smooth conduct. This event would be successful in increasing awareness in the public and will definitely help to boost the welfare of society. The details of the event would be disclosed soon. 

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