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Dubai: Emirates Flight From Manchester Diverted To Vienna Due To Operational Issues



Dubai Emirates Flight From Manchester Diverted To Vienna Due To Operational Issues

Dubai International Airport diverted the Emirates flight, EK020 which was from Manchester to Dubai due to some operational reasons. The flight which was expected to arrive at the Dubai International Airport at GST 07.25 was diverted to Vienna. The Emirates apologized for the inconvenience caused to the passengers and made arrangements for their accommodation and rebooking of alternative flights to their desired destination. 

The passengers were informed of the diversion through a message and assured of their safety  

The Emirates flight, an A380 flight departed from Manchester Airport at 21:00 (BST) and was expected to arrive at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport by 07:25 (GST). The passengers were given information about the diversion through a message. The content of the message was ā€œYour EK020 flight which was from MAN to DXB on April 10 has been diverted to VIE and is currently delayed there for operational reasons.ā€ 

Dubaiā€™s Emirates diverts Manchester flight over ā€˜operational reasonsā€™

Emirates also assured that once an expected arrival time to Dubai is determined, the company will rebook the passengers’ flight to their final destinations. Further details of the re-booking will be sent to the email address of the passengers provided during the time of ticket booking, they said. The passengers can have a look at the changes made on the ā€˜Manage your bookingā€™ option and can contact the customer service team.

Dubai Airport has already directed many flights earlier also, due to adverse weather conditions and other issues. Earlier in March also Dubai Airport directed two Emirates flights which were from Dubai to London Heathrow. These flights were also redirected to two different airports.  

Apart from Emirates flight of Dubai many other airlines like British Airways, American Airlines, Air India, and Lufthansa have also changed their route to Heathrow and were redirected to other alternative sites. The main thing that has caused this rerouting is the weather circumstances. The adverse weather conditions seen in the UK along with the strong wind have caused the airlines to change their route to ensure the safety of the passengers.Ā 

In another instance that happened on March 13, Tuesday, two flights of the Emirates Dubai were asked to take emergency diversions. These two Emirates flights, EK1 and EK29 took off from the Dubai International Airport and were later told to find alternative landing sites as landing at their desired destination was not possible.Ā 

Flight EK1 was scheduled to land at London Heathrow Airport at local time 11.40 AM, but the landing was not possible as it was not safe to have a landing due to the strong winds blowing.Ā  The flight circled many times above London Airport and was then directed to Gatwick Airport.

The other flight, EK29 was expected to arrive at the London Airport by 1.50 PM. It was also diverted after circling several times above the London Airport. The flight was redirected to the Birmingham International Airport which was 170km away from Heathrow.

The heavy wind that blew at 65kmph in the UK and other parts of the south of England caused trouble to the safe landing of flights. The flights that were to take off from Heathrow to Dubai later that day were canceled following the diversion of the two flights.    

Emirates is a leading airline industry that is based in Dubai. The story of the birth of the first airline goes back to 1984, when the UAE Minister of Defence, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum spoke of the idea of starting an airline. Soon initiatives were taken and a plan was made to start an airline company by December of that year and it was named ā€œEmiratesā€.

By the year 1985, steps were taken to launch the airline, and funding was also made ready. Maurice Flanagan was the person who has been entrusted with the task of launching the airline within five months.Ā  On 25th October 1985, the Emirates operated its first-ever flight, it was from Dubai to Karachi and Mumbai. The flights used were a Boeing 737 and an Airbus of 300 BA wet which was leased from Pakistan International Airways. Later in the year 1987, the company owned its first aircraft. It was on July 3rd, flight A6-EKA flew from Toulouse to Dubai, delivering the first aircraft of Emirates and an Airbus A310-304.

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Within the first five years of its operation the Emirates was successful in establishing a network of 14 destinations. Beginning with the flights to Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Karachi in 1985, Emirates expanded its network to Colombo, Amman, Cairo, and Dhaka in 1986. Followed by an expansion to Istanbul, Male, and Frankfurt in 1987; Damascus in 1988, and Kuwait and Jeddah in 1989. 

Emirates created history in 1992 by introducing inflight entertainment. Thus, it became the first airline company to install video systems in all seats. This advancement was followed by the introduction of telecommunications on Airbus in the year 1993. An inflight fax facility for customers was introduced in the next year. Emirates served its passengers with all the advanced facilities in the airline sector. 

Emirates has continued to grow over the years to become a global airline hub in Dubai. It has been recognized as the fastest-growing airline industry in the world. With its humble beginnings Emirates has expanded into a leading airline force with a network of more than 150 destinations. 

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