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Flydubai Aircraft Returns To Dubai Efter Engine Catch Fire While Takeoff



Flydubai Aircraft Returns To Dubai Efter Engine Catch Fire While Takeoff

Reports on social media say that an aircraft of Flydubai Airlines seems to have caught fire immediately after it’s taken off from the Kathmandu Airport in Nepal. The airline company said that the plane is normal now and it continued its journey to the United Arab Emirates. 

Eyewitnesses saw flames on Flydubai Flight FZ576 from Kathmandu to Dubai International Airport on Monday

The Flydubai Airlines which took off from the Kathmandu Airport (KTM) at 9.19 p.m. local time experienced a bird strike shortly after its take off. The flight was expected to arrive at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) by 11.05 p.m. The flight resumed its journey after circling several times above the Kathmandu Airport.

Eyewitnesses saw flames on Flydubai Flight FZ576 from Kathmandu to Dubai International Airport on Monday

The incident caused a delay in the arrival of the flight at the Dubai International Airport. A spokesperson from the airline company of UAE said that the flight was normal and has scheduled to arrive at the Dubai Airport by 12.14 a.m.

The experienced crew of the airline followed standard procedures on meeting with the incident. They continued their journey ahead after confirming that the engine was running within the normal parameters, he said.

The Media Office of Dubai has shared a message regarding the return of the flight, it said that according to the report from the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority, the flight of Flydubai Airlines from Kathmandu to Dubai is normal and is proceeding its journey as per the scheduled chart. 

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Jagannath Niroula shared information about the flight. In a statement given to Reuters, he said that the engine of the flight got fire immediately after the take-off from the Kathmandu Airport and was under control. The Flydubai flight, number 576 was a Boeing 737 – 800 aircraft with a total number of 167 passengers on board, said the Authority.

It has been reported by Flydubai Airlines that the flight had a safe landing at the Dubai International Airport at midnight. The company also said that a further inspection regarding the incident would be conducted. 

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Meanwhile, eyewitnesses have shared images of the flight on social media. The images showed the aircraft in flames above the Kathmandu Airport. The eyewitnesses said that they have seen the flight catch fire in the sky, soon after the take-off, above the Kathmandu Airport. 

Flydubai is an airline company owned by the government of Dubai, under the Dubai Aviation Corporation of the United Arab Emirates. It was established in June 2008 and was supported by the Emirates group in the initial days. 

With its first operation in 2009, Flydubai now has a network of more than 110 destinations in over 50 countries. Over the years, Flydubai has served over 90 million passengers thus making it the second largest carrier operating out of the Dubai International Airport in the rate of passengers. 

Flydubai Airlines started its first operation in 2009 with 3 aircraft, it now operates with single-fleet type 76 Boing 737 aircraft including 43 Boeing 737 MAX 8, 30 Next-Generation Boeing 737-800, and 3 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft. 

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