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The ADJD Succeeds In Reducing Divorce Rate In 2022



The ADJD Succeeds In Reducing Divorce Rate In 2022

By reducing the divorce rate by roughly 6% in 2022, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) has made a significant contribution to society. The percentage of family problems that culminate in divorce has decreased to only 3% from 9 percent in 2021.

Its success shows the ADJD’s efforts to promote a culture of harmony, respect, and nonviolent conflict resolution in order to preserve family stability and unity. The ADJD has a history of promoting tolerance and peacefully resolving conflict, and this achievement strengthens that record.

Abu Dhabi rejoices with a sharp decline in divorce rates to just 3% in 2022

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has expressed its commitment to promoting the adoption of municipal solutions as a means of implementing the best practices and innovative methods that adhere to the highest quality standards.

Abu Dhabi rejoices with a sharp decline in divorce rates to just 3% in 2022

This is in keeping with the goals of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who serves as the deputy prime minister, minister of the presidential court, and head of the judicial department of the government of Abu Dhabi.

To achieve reconciliation and peaceful resolutions of family, civil, business, and real estate conflicts, the Department supports constructive efforts that promote social harmony and stability.

Lowering the divorce rate is a difficult task that requires a diverse strategy that targets the root causes of marital issues.

The ADJD’s activities in this area may have included offering counselling to couples, raising knowledge of the advantages of marital harmony, and streamlining the divorce procedure to make it less confrontational and more geared towards achieving reconciliation.

 The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department’s (ADJD) efforts to improve its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Division have played a significant role in reducing divorce rates in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The ADR Division appears to have updated its performance and working methods to align with the social, economic, and technological changes occurring in the region.

As a result, they have been able to offer more effective solutions for resolving disputes outside of traditional court settings, which has led to better options for resolving disputes in a more amicable manner.

It is commendable that the ADJD has succeeded in lowering the divorce rate and sets a good model for other legal systems throughout the world to follow. The ADJD has proven its dedication to constructing a community founded on the principles of tolerance, respect, and mutual understanding by placing a high priority on maintaining family unity and peace.

The number of cases ending in divorce has also reduced as a result of family counsellors’ efforts to convince parties to choose peaceful resolutions to their disagreements. In general, it seems that the ADJD’s initiatives to enhance their ADR Division and support peaceful dispute settlement have been successful in lowering the divorce rate in Abu Dhabi.

It is remarkable that the ADJD was able to resolve such a large proportion of the family problems that were brought to their attention in 2022

They succeeded in enhancing their ADR Division and promoting peaceful dispute resolution because they were able to settle 63 percent of these conflicts amicably.

This high success rate indicates that parties to family disputes in Abu Dhabi are more willing than ever to look for alternative dispute resolution procedures outside of formal courtroom settings. Families in the emirate should be encouraged by the ADJD’s capacity to mediate a considerable percentage of cases since it gives them a chance to avoid the psychological and financial burdens of protracted legal conflicts.

Abu Dhabi’s ‘Reconciliation is Better’ Initiative Proves Effective in Reducing Divorce Rate

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) has successfully carried out a number of outreach activities and programmes to lower the divorce rate in the Abu Dhabi emirate.

One of the most well-known programmes is “Reconciliation is Better” (Al Solh Khair), which has made a significant contribution to the divorce rate’s decline from 12 percent in 2018 to just 3 percent in 2022.

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This effort has created engaging programmes for disputing parties and encourages the use of trained family counsellors to provide in-depth counselling sessions. Moreover, training sessions are set up to offer interactive exercises and multimedia goods to aid people in learning conflict resolution techniques.

The “Reconciliation is Better” initiative’s success can be attributed to its emphasis on promoting awareness, bolstering and strengthening family ties, and ensuring that the reconciliation agreement is followed.

The program’s follow-up strategy is crucial in addressing potential issues that may come up during the reconciliation process and making sure that everyone is happy with the outcome.

The ADJD’s creative initiatives have benefited Abu Dhabi families, leading to a sharp decrease in the divorce rate. The success of the “Reconciliation is Better” campaign is evidence of how well these procedures and interactive initiatives work.

The ADJD can contribute to ensuring that Abu Dhabi families can resolve disputes peacefully and amicably by continuing to create and implement these kinds of activities.

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