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UAE: Killer Whales (ORCAS) Spotted In Abudhabi And Dubai Waters



Killer Whales Orcas Spotted In Abu Dhabi & Dubai

A group of anglers caught a rare sight of a pair of killer whales off the coast of Abu Dhabi while they were going for a fishing trip. Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) warned residents to stay away from the path of these creatures even though they are not harmful. These majestic creatures were later found on the shores of Dubai.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai officials have issued warnings to beach Visitors

The ‘Just Fishing’ anglers group saw these majestic mammals on Tuesday morning, the 9th of May, near the shore of Abu Dhabi. The angler group’s managing director and co-founder, Ahmed Afifi reported to the sources.

Some hotels advised against sea swimming after orcas spotted in Abu Dhabi waters Dubai

He said that their group was chasing kingfish when they noticed that suddenly the waters became really calm with no activity. All the fish swam away and after a few seconds, they witnessed a killer whale leap out of the water with something in its mouth. Later they observed that the whales were hunting a dugong, a sea mammal pretty close to the family of manatees.

Yesterday, the Crown Prince of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared on his social media that an orca whale was spotted in Jebel Ali waters in Dubai.

Afifi shared his excitement in catching the sight of a pair of orca whales. He added that this was a very rare and unbelievable sight and that their group had spotted orcas before, but that was never this close to the shores.

The anglers were able to spot orcas for almost an hour. Once they returned to the land, they instantly alerted the National Aquarium and also shared the clips that they took of the killer whales on their social media handles.

Titled killer whales, the orcas are extremely powerful predators and they are known for their intelligence and their unique coloring of black and white. Previously they were sighted in 2021 December in Abu Dhabi. In 2019 these orcas were sighted on the coast of Dubai.

The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi took to Instagram and shared on their handles a clip along with the caption saying that they were spotted on the coast of Abu Dhabi and a slight description of these whales like they are among the most well-traveled creatures in the marine world and have the capacity to adapt to warmer and cooler waters.

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And these creatures visiting the shores of Abu Dhabi are a sign that they have healthy marine life. They also warn the public saying that Orcas do not usually pose a threat to humankind, but people are advised to keep a safe distance. The agency also instructed the public to report such sightings.

The orcas were coming from the Indian Ocean, they visited the Arabian Sea and the Sea of Oman and later the gulf, since they were seen in Jebel Ali and then Sharjah, they might be returning to their homes. Some authorities have warned to not let tourists or any public play or swim in the ocean waters.

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