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UAE President And Vietnamese Vp Discuss Bilateral Relations



UAE President And Vietnamese Vp Discuss Bilateral Relations

In an attempt to strengthen the bilateral relationships between Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates, the President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has recently entered into bilateral talks with the President of Vietnam Vo Thi Anh Xuan at Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi.

The countries are looking forward to unraveling opportunities and developing them further to increase the scope of livelihood in the nation. The objective of this meeting is to boost the strategic ties and relationship between the two nations.

This understanding will improve the commitment towards the dialogue ASEAN

The President of Vietnam is on an official visit to Abu Dhabi for the time being. This is his first official meeting after being sworn in as the President of Vietnam. The President of Dubai and other officials congratulated the newly elected leader and also extended their warmest greetings on behalf of the entire nation.

This understanding will improve the commitment towards the dialogue ASEAN

Both of the leaders tried to negotiate on various fronts so as to boost cooperation in different niches. These avenues basically include the fields of joint investment, economic and social development, food security, and last but not least, renewable energy. 

Vietnam has extended its support towards making Dubai a partner of the ASEAN group. Both of the countries have also executed the Joint Declaration of Intent to establish the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement that will help to improve the relationship between the two countries over the period of time.

A number of agreements have been signed that will help to increase the interaction between the countries for a better future. This will help to enhance the developmental efforts of Abu Dhabi and Vietnam. 

The relationship between the nations has been existent for the past 30 years and the latest visit of the Vietnamese President marks the latest anniversary of the development so far. The leaders have decided to exchange technology and artificial intelligence with each other so that industrial growth can be boosted.

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The exchange of these developments will pave the way for a futuristic model of growth which has become the need of the hour for both countries.

The President of the United Arab Emirates hosted an official ceremony to welcome the Vietnamese President to the town. This was followed by the performance of the national anthem and the cultural folk dances depicting the traditions of both of these countries.

This dialogue will help to improve the existing cooperation and ensure that the countries are able to assist each other in the best possible way. This is very useful to ensure the development of the countries in the times to come.

This association will help both of these countries to put up a tough front against the western nations which are now extending their footprints across the Middle-eastern countries. The collaboration of these efforts will improve the quality of the results towards the end. 

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