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UAE Updates Local Terrorist List, Adds 3 Individuals And 1 Entity



UAE Updates Local Terrorist List, Adds 3 Individuals And 1 Entity

The United Arab Emirates cabinet has issued a new resolution No. 9 of 2023, adding 3 individuals and 1 entity to its official local terrorist list, which is an approved list that the UAE maintains, consisting of individuals and organizations that the UAE proved to be supporting terrorism.

The new resolution and the local terrorist list showcase the commitment of the UAE and its government to identify, target, and stop networks from funding or supporting terrorism and any related activities.

List Of Local Terrorists List Under The New Resolution

Below are the 3 new individuals that were added to the list under the new resolution.

UAE Updates
  1. Rayyan Hassan Moukalled.
  2. Hassan Ahmed Moukalled.
  3. Rani Hassan Moukalled.

Apart from the three individuals mentioned above, the business “CTEX Exchange” was also found to have connections with terrorism-related activities and is added to the list as well.

The official updated list can be found on the official website of the UAE Executive Office for Control & Non-Proliferation ( By visiting the website, you can download the lists of individuals and terrorists as an excel sheet.

On the official UAEIEC website, you can get access to the “Local Terrorist List” as maintained by the UAE authorities, the “UN Consolidated List” to have a detailed insight onto the list as maintained by the United Nations, and also subscribe to get all the latest updates that are made to the list in the future.

The local terrorist list that the United Arab Emirates maintains, is part of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1373 of 2001.

As per the resolution, all the member states of the United Nations must implement procedures to identify and apply adequate measures on any individual or legal entity that in any form is suspected to, or has attempted/committed any form of activities that relates to terrorism.

In the United Arab Emirates, the Supreme Council for National Security (SCNS) is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the UNSC resolution. To be specific, the SCNS proposes a list of local individuals and businesses that meets the criteria designated as per the resolution.

The SCNS also has the power to include individuals or legal entities that meet the criteria, into the local terrorist list, without any prior notice and regardless of whether any criminal proceedings are in place against the individual or the entity. Once listed, the UAE Cabinet has to give the final approval to make the list officially accepted.

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The SCNS also can send a one-sided request to another foreign country to designate an individual or entity to their own local terrorist list, if the individual or entity is proven to meet the criteria that are supposed to put them on the list. Any evidence(s) that may prove the terrorism link of the individual or entity can also be shared by the UAE SCNS with the foreign country.

Similarly, as part of the UNSC resolution 1373 – 2001, any foreign country can also reach out to the UAE Supreme Council for National Security, with a request to add an individual or entity to its own local terrorist list, in case there is suspicion or proof that the said individual or entity meets the designation criteria as per the resolution.

Once such a request is received from a foreign country, the Supreme Council shall, without a delay, determine if the request is satisfactory and if found to be so, is put forward to the UAE Cabinet for final approval.

The UAE Security Council also puts the local terrorist list on review periodically, making updations and relisting if necessary, by coordinating with the UAE Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and based on the details received from the relevant UAE agencies such as the Law Enforcement Authorities (LEA)

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