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Ushba Tesoro Wins $12 Million Main Event At The Dubai World Cup 2023



Ushba Tesoro Wins $12 Million Main Event At The Dubai World Cup 2023

United Arab Emirates, Dubai – On Saturday, Ushba Tesoro, ridden by Yuga Kawada, took home the prestigious $12 million UAE World Cup. The Japanese horse performed a remarkable rebound from the back of the field to win the coveted prize, displaying its speed, agility, and stamina.

The victory gave both the horse and its rider a feeling of achievement, and they conveyed their excitement and gratitude just after the race. “I’m very proud of my horse and myself for winning the world’s greatest race,” Kawada remarked smiling and waving.

Ushba Tesoro, a 6-year-old horse, claimed victory in the prestigious race

The Dubai World Cup is one of the most crucial and lucrative horse racing events in the world, luring top racehorses and elite jockeys throughout the world. The annual race, held at Dubai’s Meydan Racecourse, has a long history of showcasing outstanding talent and ability in the sport of horse racing.

Ushba Tesoro, a 6-year-old horse, claimed victory in the prestigious race

Ushba Tesoro’s victory was a testament to the horse’s exceptional breeding, coaching, and natural ability, as well as Kawada’s deft handling of the reins. The duo’s outstanding performance captivated the audience and demonstrated the elegance and excitement of horse racing.

Ushba Tesoro’s victory also reflected the growing influence of Japanese horse racing in the global racing scene, as he joined a long line of Japanese champions who have made their mark in international competitions.

Bendoog was saddled by Christophe Soumillon, a renowned Belgian jockey, in the much-anticipated 10-furlong (2,000-meter) showpiece. The race also included Saudi Cup winner Panthalassa, who had been drawn wide, but the duo looked comfortable and in the company early on.

As they approached the final stretch, James Doyle, riding Algiers, a horse coached by Simon and Ed Crisford, took the lead and went a length clear with 1 1/2 furlongs remaining. The audience held their breath as Algiers appeared to be on the verge of clinching the victory.

Despite Algiers’ impressive performance, Bendoog refused to give up and put on a stunning display of speed and determination under the expert guidance of Soumillon. The horse made an incredible comeback, surging forward to overtake Algiers and cross the finish line first, stunning the crowd.

In the thrilling race, Soumillon’s exceptional horsemanship and Bendoog’s innate abilities were on full display. The horse’s endurance and Soumillon’s strategic prowess were highlighted by the duo’s comfortable start and eventual comeback. Despite Algiers’ strong showing, Bendoog emerged victorious, making it a memorable race for all involved.

Ushba Tesoro, a 6-year-old horse, won the prestigious race in a stunning display of skill and endurance, easily beating James Doyle’s mount. The horse had previously won five of six races since switching to the dirt track, demonstrating its prowess and adaptability in a variety of conditions.

Ushba Tesoro’s speed and determination proved too much for the competition, despite Algiers’ early lead and impressive performance. The horse surged ahead, winning the race by 2 3/4 lengths, much to the delight of the crowd and Noboru Takagi, the horse’s trainer.

Japan’s second victory in the race, following Victoire Pisa in 2011, solidified the country’s growing influence on the global horse racing scene. The victory gave Japan great pride and highlighted the exceptional training and breeding that goes into producing world-class racehorses.

“I thought he’d have a shot at the 100-meter mark,” Takagi said, beaming with pride at his horse’s impressive performance. The horse’s natural abilities, as well as Takagi and his team’s expert handling and training, contributed to Ushba Tesoro’s victory.

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Lord North and jockey Frankie Dettori accomplished an impressive hat trick in the prestigious Dubai Turf race. The Grade One competitive rivalry featured some of the best horses and jockeys in the world, making the victory even more impressive.

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Despite a dangerous tackle from Danon Beluga, Lord North won the race, to the immense joy of the crowd and Dettori himself. The horse’s exceptional performance was the result of both natural abilities and expert handling and ongoing training by its team.

Dettori, one of the world’s most famous jockeys, had already won two races before completing the hat trick with Lord North. His expertise and knowledge shine brightly through it as he skillfully guided the horse to victory and held off the strong competition in the race’s final stages.

The Dubai Turf race is recognized for its high-stakes competitions, and this year was no exception. The horses and jockeys tried to give it everything they had, resulting in an exciting and memorable race.

Frankie Dettori rode the 7-year-old trained by John and Thady Gosden to win in the nine-furlong race, previously having won in 2021 and dead-heated the previous year. The victory is especially significant for Dettori in his season finale, as the horse has now won three years in a row. “Fantastic,” said Dettori.

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