Owning a car in Dubai is about to get a bit cheaper
Thanks to the RTA, you will soon be able to register your car online and receive
Dubai taxis to get CCTV cameras
It's to monitor drivers, not you
A new bridge is coming to Dubai. Wait, come back it's actually interesting...
The twelve lane mega-bridge is about to make your commute much less painful
Great news for those who travel around the Zabeel Park area…
Officials say that the city is "ready" for the sky-high service
The addition will see the RTA's bus fleet rise to 2,085 by 2019
It forms part of Dubai's Smart City initiative
It aims to support those who need more time crossing the road
The supersonic mode of transport is fast becoming a reality
It’s currently available in two areas of Dubai
Expect to see 3D printed bus stops and pedestrian bridges gracing the city soon!